USS Harem: Sci-Fi Harem Adventure

Space. Frontier. You know the drill. Lots of weird stuff. So… an alien pathogen turned my starship into a coed dorm-room out of a seventies’ porno. Wish those were the good news.

An old friend betrayed me, stole my ship, and left me for dead.

Now it’s time for some payback.


But when I sneak back into my ship, I discover something bad; something in the air. Instead of killing the bastard, I somehow find myself wrapped around the legs of my navigator, filled with insatiable desire.

Turns out the Life Support is flooded with infectious spores that nest in the brain and change its chemistry on a primal level. The traitor weaponized these spores and turn my crew into his battle harem; submissive vixen warriors that will quench his every whim.

Right now, I’m an intruder in my own ship. His brainwashed slave army is hot on my tail. Unfortunately for him, my being here is obstructing his hold. Unfortunately for me, I don’t know how.

Yet, there’s a new alpha in his pride, and I’m back for what’s mine. I will take my ship back and rescue my crew.

…If only the spores weren’t affecting me as well.

USS Harem is the beginning of the Space Force erotica Series.

If you like Star Trek and Babylon 5, but hoped they were a lot raunchier; if you like fast paced action, explicit sex, hot kinky aliens, and military science fiction adventures, then you’ll love Blake Sky’s take on the battle harem genre.

To start your X-rated adventure, buy USS Harem: Sci-Fi Harem Adventure right now!


This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of anal and oral sex, gagging, deep-throating, muff-diving, oral creampie and dubious consent.


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