Little Red Coed

“What a terrible big wand you have!”

“All the better to bewitch you with!”

Discover the thrilling story of the Little Red Coed, who risked leaving her arcane magic class to photocopy the final exam, desperately hoping for a passing grade. But unfortunately, her sexy professor caught her with the incriminating papers in hand. Little did he know, however, that she had stumbled upon something far more scandalous than a student attempting to cheat—the professor and the dean were involved in a forbidden, passionate affair wrapped in sex magic.


Will this information get her out of the trouble she’s in, or will it only lead her deeper down a rabbit hole?

Come with the Little Red Coed on her quest as she struggles with her own desires, and learns how to let go of her inhibitions. Join her as she succumbs to the wicked delights hidden in the shadowy hallways of Greystoke Academy of Arcane Magic.

If you’re looking for a wizarding academy setting that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, for stories filled with bratty coeds getting up to mischief with older men, and magic that’s used for sex in creative and unexpected ways, then come and see the kinky wonders Blake Sky has conjured up for your pleasure in this 11,000-words hot story.

This dirty, dirty fairy tale will leave you spellbound and yearning for more. Don’t wait any longer! Buy Little Red Coed right now!


This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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