The Ointment of Excessive Growth

“I thought I was stuck with mosquito bites, but then I remembered that I go to a magic academy.”

Caterina always felt self-conscious about her small chest, but when she began a secret affair with her herbology professor, she discovered that he had a way to make them bigger.


Using magical potions and ointments, Caterina’s body began to transform, and she found herself feeling more attractive and confident. But as the treatment continued, Caterina found herself and her professor becoming more and more obsessed with her having large breasts.

But how long can they keep their secrets? People have eyes, after all. How far will they go in their obsessive rabbit hole of body modification?

If you’re looking for a fantasy academy setting that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, for stories filled with bratty coeds getting up to mischief with their older professors, and magic that’s used for sex in creative and unexpected ways, then come and see the kinky wonders Blake Sky has conjured up for your pleasure in this 10,000 words hot story.


This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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