The Seven Fireballers

The captain, or the team?

Bianca Snowbloom was a breathtaking beauty, with glossy black hair, lips as red as roses, and skin that glowed like freshly fallen snow. However, growing up in the secluded convent of Life Arcana left her unaware of her own desirability. That all changed when she transferred to Greystock Academy of Arcane Magic and caught the eye of Percival Prince, the captivating captain of the Fireball team. Bianca’s heart raced as she gazed upon him, her eyes tracing the contours of his broad shoulders and chiseled biceps. The mere sight of him ignited a fiery passion within her that she couldn’t contain.


But there was more to Percival than just his rugged good looks. Rumors whispered of his forbidden sexual desires, his participation in deviant arcane rituals, and his toxic relations with conniving women.

Enter Regina Honigboden, the academy’s queen bee. Filled with a burning jealousy because Bianca took Percival from her, Regina hatched a plan to break up the new couple and reclaim what she felt was rightfully hers.

Regina’s twisted machinations drove Bianca straight into the arms of seven fireball players, where she discovered a world of seductive pleasure and debauchery. With this group of jocks who shared her, she explored her deepest cravings and learned the true meaning of being desired.

But what did that mean for her blossoming relationship with the team’s captain? Would Bianca succumb to the fiery passion that consumed her?

Get ready for a steamy fairy tale of forbidden pleasure in “The Seven Fireballers”. Set against the backdrop of a magical academy, this new seductive story from Blake Sky will leave you spellbound. Don’t wait any longer. Indulge in the ultimate erotic fantasy. Buy “The Seven Fireballers” right now, and immerse yourself in the sinfully sexy world of Greystoke Academy of Arcane Magic.


This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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