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Latest stories

Pop-culture references on a Sci-Fi setting


Of the concepts introduced and played within the USS Harem books, flat-films is the one that I get asked about the most. So, I start this whatchamacallit Q&A with this post, where I share with you my process, how I came up with it, and why. Origin The idea of the flat-films came from necessity. Pop-culture is very powerful shorthand to evoke certain images and emotions. If I were to write...

Succubus, by A.J. Markam


Ian just wanted a job as a Quality Control tech for the biggest virtual reality game online. Instead, he met the woman of his dreams… who just happens to be a demoness from hell. Ian starts off as a Level 1 Warlock, and after summoning a mischievous imp named Stig as his first servant, goes on a series of quests to win the ultimate prize: a sexy, smoldering succubus who will fulfill his every...

The GameLit Works of Neil Bimbeau


I discovered Neil in a niche market of male erotica targeted at geeks. In his bio, he describes himself as a graduate student from Vancouver, BC, specializing in experimental psychology. “When he’s not showing brainy co-eds their horny, submissive sides, he likes to work out some of his dirtier ideas on the page.” Although not very extensive, his bio tells you all you need to...

The Origin of LitRPG and GameLit


LitRPG and GameLit are two rapidly developing sub-genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy that are quickly becoming some of the most popular new genres of speculative fiction. LitRPG, which stands for “Literature Role Playing Game,” refers to stories that take place in a role-playing game (RPG). GameLit is an extension of this, referring to stories that take place in a video game (RPG...

Christmas gifts for the role-player in your life


You know, guys, I was scratching my head for content, and then it hit me. Being the season and all, what about a list of gift ideas? These are things I have received as presents in recent years that I found worthy and still use. Take my recommendations as you will. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, things you can give to the role-player in your life. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix I...

5 Best Sites For Free Erotica


I like sex. I talk about porn a ton; I write on the subject. I even supporter your right to watch anything you like. But I find that video porn is sort of limiting. My sensual, creative ability is immense, and I feel like videos are excessively prescriptive. They put images and activity before your eyes and that’s it. Which isn’t to say that porn isn’t exciting; sexual pictures...


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