Metal Online: Game Over

Time for some answers.

I found the missing woman who stole the Sondines’ soldier training software. She was hiding as a kinky beer wench in an underground sex club, so secret that it was located on an unreachable section of Metal’s game world.

Why was she there? Good question. She didn’t know. She was jacked-in the simulated reality with virtual amnesia enabled. The girl didn’t even remember she was Katia Kouklina, believing instead she was an NPC called Korina—A native of this heavy metal inspired fantasy land. And, of course, she recalled nothing about the stolen software.

Before I could straighten things up with her, the corporate goons who’ve been chasing me in the real, found us inside Metal’s world simulation. I thought I had given them the slip back at O’Hare’s motels. Instead, I had led them straight to the Sondines’ software. Real life killers were on our heels.

But, in the virtual world, I was a level 42 sword master. And my faithful AI companion was a ninja assassin of the Hatanaka Clan. So, we were ready to mop the floor with them now that they were on our home turf.

While the grunts didn’t pose much of a threat, their leader—the menacing-looking woman with the tremendous rack—turned out to be deadlier in the game world than she was in the real. With little effort, she executed my AI companion in cold blood.

Now alone, I had to stop this corporate killer from getting to Katia and the stolen software.

Metal Online: Game Over is the eleventh and final episode of a new LitRPG harem series. If you enjoy detective stories, fast-paced action, explicit sex, striking women, and the duality of virtual/real life, then you’ll love Blake Sky’s descent into a heavy metal infused dark fantasy world.



This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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