Metal Online: Dragonfire

Sex or death. Why is it always “sex or death”?

It seems that of the hundred thousand that started this raid, I could be the last man standing. How many warriors can one giant dragon burn alive?

I should be wetting my pants in fear, but I’m smitten. A heart-stopping Viking woman joins the offensive, so fierce and skilled, she might turn the tide. The graceful face of an angel and the statuesque body of a playmate. Strong, fast, and quick-witted. She’s gorgeous, skimpily dressed and I really don’t trust her.


Were we to survive, were we to win, I’d have to dial up the charm (she’d be out of my league in the real, but I’m a better version of me in the game). For you see, there’s no toughest trial in any RPG than sharing loot with a stranger.

If you enjoy fast-paced action, explicit sex, striking women, and weird magical worlds, then you’ll love Blake Sky’s descent into a heavy metal infused, dark fantasy world; an uncensored Frank Frazetta’s Conan cover come to life.

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This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of anal and oral sex, gagging, deep-throating, muff-diving and oral creampie.


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