Metal Online: Let’s Play

Have you joined a let’s play from a camgirl? In total immersion VR?

As a PI, I was hired to find a young woman hiding inside this popular net deep-dive MMORPG called Metal. That’s a lot of words to describe a videogame that was plugged straight into your cerebral cortex. Fun stuff.

The latest clue led me to discover what she was doing before she went missing. Turns out she was a gamer camgirl. And here’s how that worked.

You tagged along in a quest with a high-level player. The hot-as-hell badass heroine. She fought the monsters and saved the damsels… or in this case, the bachelors; namely, you. And here’s the kicker. Being a camgirl, she aimed to get her bachelors excited throughout the entire adventure. Yeah, that kind of excited. I’ve never been to a show like that before, let me tell you.

Sounds fun, I know. But it was work. So, I asked my two girls to join me. To help me. And there I found out there was friction between them. Great!

Metal Online: Let’s Play is the 13,000 words fifth episode of a new LitRPG harem series. If you enjoy detective stories, fast-paced action, explicit sex, striking women, and the duality of virtual/real life, then you’ll love Blake Sky’s descent into a heavy metal infused dark fantasy world.



This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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