Smile and Get Naked

There’s this crush you can’t get over.

There’s this crush you can’t explain.

There’s this person you’ve never met, yet… there’s something there. Something that holds you and doesn’t let go.

And then you meet this person and she’s a total cunt.


My celebrity crush is Daniella Angelov, and she’s the most beautiful supermodel in the world. Shut up, she is. Fight me. But she’s a cruel, mean bitch, that gets off on humiliating people—I’ll give you that. And I speak from experience. Let me tell you about the time I gave her a taste of her own medicine during one of her photoshoots.

Does it have a HEA? Well, that depends on how sick you are.

If you used to go through your mom’s fashion magazines and lingerie catalogs, ogling all the beautiful skinny high fashion models; if you—totally unrelated—if you still remember that girl that thought you liking her was the worst possible insult you could give her; then you’ll love Blake Sky’s unhealthy way of getting over those demons.

Don’t wait. Pick up Smile and Get Naked right now!


The characters in this story are not row models. If you find similarities with any real-life person, run the other way. Run for your life! Also, there’s explicit and graphic sexual content, abuse of power, exhibitionism, and humiliation. Definitely not suitable for anyone under 18+.


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