Metal Online: Sanctuary

Squirt makes for an amazing cocktail.

Did you know there are areas of Metal so filthy they’re hidden from decent folk like you and me? You can only get there if you log in from another country. And, man, the kinky stuff they do… I’m not even sure it’s physically possible. Which is weird given how realistic the virtual world feels.

Turns out I found a solid lead that said the missing girl was hiding there. Talk about excuses to go. But that wasn’t why I was in a hurry. If she was lying low in the forbidden zone, she was in danger. Very nasty people believed that the data she stole was worth more than her life.

Metal Online: Sanctuary is the 11,000 words tenth episode of a new LitRPG harem series. If you enjoy detective stories, fast-paced action, explicit sex, striking women, and the duality of virtual/real life, then you’ll love Blake Sky’s descent into a heavy metal infused dark fantasy world.

Look Inside for a taste of your X-rated adventure and buy Metal Online: Sanctuary right now!



This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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