Detention Temptation

What is it about the popular witch?

I mean, the queen bee; that student that everyone wants (although not even her friends seem to like her.) Why is it you can’t get her out of your head for years… forever?

Is she magic?

Let me tell you, it’s especially bad when you’re her professor.


To top it all off, Cypress Silverberry—that’s her name—loves to flirt with me. The students at Greystoke Academy of Arcane Magic are all such a tease. A handful for all the faculty. And Cypress leads by example. She sporadically bursts borderline inappropriate comments, just vague enough not to get in trouble, trying to get me to flinch in front of her friends. Paradoxically, a giggling audience helps me keep a cool head, and to dismiss her comments as banter.

But today, for the first time since I’ve been at Greystoke, we’ll be alone in a room. She’s having detention with me. Just with me. Alone with me. My heartbeat rises just thinking about it—I’m not ready for this!

Detention Temptation is a short erotic romance between a young witch and her older professor. An age gap taboo love story set up against the backdrop of a magical school. With lots of explicit nasty stuff, of course.

So, if you enjoy books about magic schools, but secretly hoped they had more adults and sex magic; if you never got over your high school or college crush; if you like witches in private school uniforms, wizards in professor’s robes, and creative uses for magic wands; then you’ll love Blake Sky’s twist on the student teacher forbidden romance.

Start your magical age gap fantasy by buying Detention Temptation right now!


This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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