Metal Online: The Real World Sucks Balls

Guess you read the title of the book. No nuance left in the world.

After getting robbed in the game I got burgled in the real. Fan—fucking—tastic. Now I couldn’t even log back into the net.

Metal was a popular online, net deep-dive, MMO Action RPG. That’s leetspeak for a videogame you plug straight into your brain. The world inside this virtual system was amazing. Heaven, but not boring. The world outside was shit.


The universe wanted me to deal with real problems; I guess. So, I focused on making ends meet. My PI agency wasn’t gonna run itself. Especially since I was my only employee.

Luck would have it, a sexy dame, out of old detective pulp hired me to track down one of her younger concubines. Seems she ran a harem with her very rich husband. The girl went missing, but her consciousness was in Metal.

I was getting paid to go back into the game, yet I had no way to do it. Every blessing with its curse, you know?

If you enjoy detective stories, explicit sex, striking women, and the duality of virtual/real life, then you’ll love Blake Sky’s descent into a heavy metal infused fantasy/cyberpunk sci-fi neo-noir adventure.

Metal Online: The Real World Sucks Balls is the 11,000 words second episode of a new LitRPG harem erotica series.


This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of anal and oral sex, gagging, deep-throating, hand-jobs and masturbation.


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