“I can’t get enough of sticking stuff in my mouth. That’s why you’ll always see me twirling a lollypop.”

As a coed of Greystoke Academy of Arcane Magic, Susie uncovers a taboo method of transforming her body and preserving her petite frame. However, the price of this power is an insatiable appetite; an oral fixation that gives her unimaginable pleasure.


When she returns home for the summer, Susie becomes infatuated with her neighbor, a powerful wizard twenty years her senior. Determined to win his affection, Susie uses her magic to seduce him, only to be rejected because of her youth.

Heartbroken and seeking retribution, Susie sneaks into her neighbor’s home, searching for a way to make him pay. But to her surprise, she discovers him in the midst of a sex-magic ritual that ignites a passionate fire within her.

Will Susie find a way to capture the heart of her forbidden love?

If you’re looking for a wizarding academy setting that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, for stories filled with bratty coeds getting up to mischief with older men, and magic that’s used for sex in creative and unexpected ways, then come and see the kinky wonders Blake Sky has conjured up for your pleasure in this 10,000 words hot story.

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This book is intended for mature audiences. Definitely not for children. It includes detailed depictions of sexual situations.


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