The GameLit Works of Neil Bimbeau


I discovered Neil in a niche market of male erotica targeted at geeks. In his bio, he describes himself as a graduate student from Vancouver, BC, specializing in experimental psychology. “When he’s not showing brainy co-eds their horny, submissive sides, he likes to work out some of his dirtier ideas on the page.” Although not very extensive, his bio tells you all you need to know about the type of books he writes.

Thematically, Neil explores bimbos, harems, dominance, mind manipulation, and impregnation fetishes. His latest stories are set in or around geek culture: LitRPG, GameLit, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.

Neil writes in parts. He publishes novels in installments of short stories, with each chapter usually priced at $2.99. However, when the story is finished, he publishes the collection for the same price. It’s best to wait for a series to end and then buy the collection.

In his covers he uses art form Shiba Shake, who you should check out. He’s awesome.

A few highlights:

Alpha Online: A Novel

That’s the promise of Seas of Kyria, the world’s hottest virtual-reality MMORPG. It’s world is a free-for-all where Pirate Kings and Queens do battle on the high seas, competing for treasure and women. And the advertising lets you know that the world of Kyria is filled with a bevy of gorgeous, submissive women who are willing to do anything their Captain demands: as long as you have the guts to claim them!

This collection contains all the stories in the Alpha Online series, which makes sense as it is a sprawling narrative. The sexual content decreases towards the later chapters, but it’s okay, as it is where the story picks up. In this series, real women are mixed with fake (A.I.) ones. The protagonist has sexual encounters with other players as well as NPCs. The women are depicted as seductive and attractive, aggressive in normal interactions but submissive during sex. There are also lesbian sex scenes, but they are primarily presented in function of the male protagonist. As is typical with Neil Bimbeau’s writing, this is a very male and heterosexual narrative.

Goddess Tamer: A LitRPG Harem Adventure

Inside the wild, crazy world of Goddess Reign Online, anything goes! Heroes pledge themselves to powerful goddesses who give them immense power in return, fighting a never-ending war for control of the world – and a lucky few become Heralds who not only can change the fate of the game, but share the goddesses bedchambers!

At the time of writing, this seven-part series has not yet been released as a compendium. In the story, the hero has no idea which goddess he will sign up with. However, when he accidentally frees the long-captive Goddess of Mischief, he changes his life in ways he never imagined. The goddess wants to see the other goddesses on their knees, and Max will become one of the most powerful players in the game if he helps her put them there. Max discovers that this powerful goddess enjoys being choked and spanked in bed, and he realizes he might have found his soulmate.

This LitRPG harem series contains elements of giant swords, horny goddesses, and a protagonist who uses illusion and manipulation to win the day. It also explores themes of alpha male dominance and harem romance.

Cowgirl Tamer: A GamelitHarem Adventure

They’re the baddest girls in the West. And I just became their leader…

The Red Rose Gang is a legend inside of GunSlingers Online – an elite crew of gorgeous female bounty hunters who hunt down the game’s worst and most toxic players for gold.

At the time of writing, only two chapters of Cowgirl Tamer are available. While the book has a quick start and exciting action, it suffers from a weak main character. By “weak,” I don’t mean poorly written, but rather a protagonist who is wimpy. The book departs from Neil’s mind control bimbo adventures and moves into alpha male harem literature. The women in the book are sexual queens, but they are also powerful, smart, and capable. This does not compromise the hotness of the sex scenes, which, while having no direct correlation, was something to consider given the author’s past works.

By Blake Sky


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