Anonymous Feedback


I get it. I do.

Talking to a stranger about our kinks can make us uncomfortable. It can be hot, but it puts us in a vulnerable spot—probably why it’s so hot. I know I’m mute during one-night stands. Certainly, very vanilla. Asking for the weird shit requires a certain closeness. For me, at least.

The thing is that we, erotic authors, write through market research. That means, we check what’s selling, and write more of the same. And it’s good if you like what’s popular. But what if it’s not?

I made this anonymous form, so you can tell me what you want, and what you don’t want. What you’d like to see, and what you rather were different—more to your liking. So, you can whisper to me from the shadows, and vanish afterwards, like a voyeur in the night.


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